Welcome to the Weird Wide Web!

Holy crap, he updated his web site?!? Yeah, after many moons of making noises about it, the new MurpleNet is almost sorta here. The design and self-written content delivery system are still going through major development, but it's workable enough to replace the crappy old page that was gathering cobwebs and tumbleweeds here. Pretty much everything that's ready for prime time is or soon will be in the menu on the left. A lot of content is being held back until I finish implementing a user resgistration and content permissions system, since due to the personal or otherwise sensitive nature of the material I don't think it appropriate to post on the general public site. However, if you had been using any hidden parts of the old site, your old bookmarks should still work just fine. (As far as I know, this should only affect people using W.P. or the text and audio archives.)

MurpleNet Guest Artist Program

Coming soon, I will be making free web hosting available to creative friends of all varieties. See preliminary details on the Positive Forces page.

Some stray links...

Some old public links which people ask about, but which haven't been added to the menus structure yet. Most of the old hidden links should still work, but if you're looking for something that you used to have access too but can't find anymore, email me.

Non-Web MurpleNet Services

In addition to the web site, MurpleNet also hosts an IRC chat server and (when I'm in the mood), an Icecast server where you can stream music live from my record player. The IRC server is semi-private, but send me an email if you want to ask about access. Friends who need file storage space can ask me about setting up a FTP account. Other services are open to discussion, but don't expect a response if you don't identify yourself and, unless it's obvious from your name, how we know each other.