Welcome to MurpleNet!

After a long hiatus, the site is back, although much of the content won't be restored for quite some time as I'm about to set off to first hike the Appalachian Trail before heading westward to move to San Francisco, with stops along the way to visit friends in Denver and perhaps your home town. The primary focus of the site for the next few months will therefore be to post photos and updates from the journey, provide ways to contact me using the Appalachian Trail postal system, and shamelessly beg for PayPal donations because I've spent everything I own on camping/hiking gear and otherwise will be eating whatever nuts, berries, and roadkill I can forrage.

I'm also still missing a few pretty important pieces of equipment such as mosquito netting, water purification supplies, and did I mention food? Any donation however small will be greatly appreciated!

I should have a wifi connection every few days as I pass towns near the A.T. and more consistent network access once I move on to the next phase of my reckless and likely insane adventure, so you can send email to murple@murple.net and I will eventually get it. I'll also be checking my Facebook messages as I can, but in either case it could take a week or two before I can reply. If you'd like to be on my mailing list for postcards and such, send me your snailmail address, as I'm bringing plenty of stamps and probably won't have many other entertainment options once I set up camp for the night.

As of today (June 4) the site is just coming back online and I'll be restoring as much of the old content as I can tonight. I'm planning to leave for Harpers Ferry sometime tomorrow to visit some friends who live near the trail and stop by the Appalachian Trail organizational headquarters. I plan on having a framework for my travel updates in place before I head off.

Lastly, if anybody is planning to hike any part of the Trail between Maryland and Georgia or has friends who are and would like to try meeting up at some point - or if you live somewhere Greyhound-accessible between Atlanta and San Francisco and you might want to host a weary traveller for a night or two, send me your contact info.

Click below if you'd like to help me not starve to death on the Appalachian Trail and perhaps afford soap so as not to frighten the townsfolk as I pass through civilized parts... No donation is too small!